Board and Director/Member Appointment Checklist

We have created this usefull checklist for anyone going through a board selection process sure you have considered all ​required guidelines and criteria. ​It also provides an overview of process requirements, and provides all documents and resources in one location.

Registration pro​cess

​Step 1​
​Board Director/Member notifies Minister of resignation - in accordance with the relevant Instrument of Appointment, this will normally be either an email or letter addressed to the relevant Minister.
​Completed: YES/NO
​Step 2
​Acknowledgement from the relevant Minister should be provided to the Employee/Director/Committee Member and a cc to the relevant Division/Section of DPIPWE responsible for administering the Committee/Board.
​Completed: YES/NO
​Step 3
​Notification for acceptance of resignation then needs to be provided to DPIPWE for actioning any final payments owed:
​Completes: YES/NO

Recruitmen​t​ Process

​Step 1

Identify the type of Board and Governance Structure:
  • Government Business Enterprise (GBE)
  • State-owned Companies (SOC)
  • Statutory Authority
  • Non-statutory Authority

These links provide an overview of requirements for Government Boards and further resources:
​Completed: YES/NO
​Step 2
​Familiarise yourself with the appropriate documents and process requirements, based on your board’s Governance Framework:

  Boards and Committees - Ministers Nomination Process   (177Kb)​

​Completed: YES/NO
​Step 3
​The Women’s Register officer must be consulted with the aim of identifying suitable candidates from The Women’s Register when recruiting
​​Completed: YES/NO
​Step 4
​If a suitable candidate is identified through The Women’s Register, proceed to appointment in line with requirements identified at step 2.
If a suitable candidate is not identified on The Women’s Register, proceed with recruitment process in line with requirements identified at step 2.
​Completed: YES/NO
​Step 5
​Prepare Cabinet brief and finalise appointment.
The Tasmanian Women’s Register Certificate form​ must be completed and submitted with a Cabinet brief as part of the process for all appointments.
​Completed: YES/NO

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