Women on Boards

​​​The Tasmanian Government's Women of Boards Strategy 2020-2025 set a target of 50% representation of women on Tasmanian Government boards. The strategy is available on the Department of Communities website.

We have 33 boards at DPIPWE and we will apply the actions set out in the Strategy to promote women for membership as new appointments are made.

Principles for appointme​​​​nt of members

It is important that the selection and appointment process is consistent with the following principles:
  • Compe​​tency
    Selection is based on skill sets that meet the needs of Government business to enable the business to function efficiently and effectively in accordance with its objectives
  • Stakehold​​er engagem​​ent
    The Government business is involved in the process to ensure that new appointees add value to the business
  • Transp​arency
    The process is clear and easy to understand.
  • Consistency
    The selection and appointment process is applied consistently for all board appointments.
  • Timeliness
    Appointments are made and announced in a timely manner.
  • Diversity
    The process recognises the importance of diversity in board membership, and the need to maintain a constant, ongoing pool of qualified candidates

Documents and res​​ources

Board selection c​hecklist for applicants

A Board and Committee Appointment Checklist is available for anyone going through a selection process that:
  • provides an overview of process requirements
  • confirms you have considered all required guidelines and criteria

Tasmanian w​​omen's register

​If you are interested in being appointed to a Government board you can add your name to the Tasmanian Women's Register​. The register is administered by the Department of Communities Tasmania.

Useful documents​​​

Government Board Appointments Gender Equity Guidelines​

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