About the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment


What We Do

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) is responsible for the sustainable management and protection of Tasmania's natural and cultural assets for the benefit of Tasmanian communities and the economy.

The Department's activities guide and support the use and management of Tasmania's land and water resources and protect and promote its natural, built and cultural assets. The Department is also responsible for delivering the services that support primary industry development and for the protection of the State's relative disease and pest-free status.

DPIPWE has approximately 1200 (fu​ll time equivalent) employees engaged in scientific disciplines such as environmental management, water management and land information as well as policy development and analysis, information technology, planning, biosecurity, administrative, clerical and field work roles including staff working in national parks.


Our Role Within the Tasmanian Government

Parliament House, HobartAt DPIPWE, we drive sustainable development in Tasmania. We play a central role in industry development, natural resource management, land information services and the conservation of our natural environment and aboriginal and historic heritage.

Our work at DPIPWE is vital to Tasmania, both in economic and environmental terms. It aims to meet and exceed the needs of government, community and industry.

Organisational Structure

See Structure of DPIPWE for more information about the organisational structure.
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