Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area Tracks

​​​​​The Australian Government has identified that the proposal to open tracks 501, 503 and 601 between Sandy Cape and the Pieman River in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area (APCA) requires further assessment.

Although these three tracks remain closed until completion of that assessment, there are a range of other tracks that remain open for recreational use in the area. Information about these tracks can be found on the Parks and Wildlife Service website​.

Please Note: track 501 is open from Sandy Cape to Sea Devil Rivulet.

About the proposal

The proposal looks at managing access to the tracks and consists of: 
  • regulations that control and restrict access through a permit system
  • a compliance and education program
  • an annual survey and assessment program
  • a series of minor mitigation works in priority areas
These measures are to ensure that tracks are accessed sustainably, and that the significant values of the area are protected.

Next steps

DPIPWE are required to submit their proposal to the Australian Government for assessment as a Public Environment Report (PER). 

The content of the PER is determined by guidelines issued by the Australian Government and will focus on priority threatened species and communities listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act) and the values of the National Heritage place, the Western Tasmania Aboriginal Cultural Landscape. The guidelines have now been finalised and are available on the Australian Government's EPBC Act - Public notices - referrals page - the Reference Number is 2017/8038.

The proposal also requires assessment through the Parks and Wildlife Service’s Reserve Activity Assessment (RAA) process.

The RAA process requires the preparation of a Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) for public comment. The DPEMP will examine all the relevant environmental, social, and economic impacts of the proposal and will be broader in scope than the PER. 

The DPEMP will be incorporated into the PER. This will allow for all of the relevant information to be provided in a single document and for both processes to run concurrently. 

Both assessments will require additional on-ground survey.

Further information on the assessment process can be found on the Australian Government's Environment Assessment and Approval Process page.


Further information

For enquiries on the assessment process contact:
Project Manager, Andrew Harvey
Ph: 03 6165 3068, 

For enquiries on off-road vehicles access and current track conditions in the APCA please contact:
Parks and Wildlife Service Arthur River office
Ph: 03 6457 1225
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