TIA Research Program

After the first round of grant funding, the Implementation Committee identified a number of research focus areas which had not been addressed, and agreed to provide funding to Dr Mick Statham to set up a team at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA), with whom DPIPWE has a co-operative research arrangement in place, to address some of these gaps.

In early 2008 $290,000 was originally provided to address work relating to the effectiveness of fencing, repellents and trapping. This funding covered the costs of a full-time research officer within TIAR for 24 months, 50% FTE funding to pay for Helen Statham to work part time on this Program; and $50,000 for direct field and research supplies required to implement the Program.

A further $90,000 was provided in November 2008 to extend this program to include work into Feratox™ and behavioural research and seedling stockings. This funding covered the cost of a second research officer for 12 months, additional work carried out by Helen Statham, plus associated vehicle and field supplies to carry out the expanded research Program.

Approximately $7000 was later paid to TIA to retain the services of Helen Statham to undertake final report preparation for the Program.

As part of the joint venture agreement, approximately 50% of Dr Mick Statham's time was spent on the Program for the 2 year period, with his salary funding provided by TIAR.

Key projects and deliverables undertaken by the TIA Research Team included:

Johannsohn N. (2010) Draft Cattle grid report, report to The Alternatives to 1080 Program, January 2010

Statham M, Statham HL. (2010) Feratox® poisoning trials conducted in Tasmania Report to the Alternatives to 1080 Program

Statham M, Statham H, Dolbey B, Fish R. (2010) Eucalyptus nitens seedling browsing trials, Report to the Alternatives to the Use of 1080 Program, May 2010


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