Wallaby Home Range Shifts in Response to Lethal Control

Dr Natasha Wiggins, Dr Hamish McCallum, University of Tasmania:
Strategic Plan Areas
  • Shooting, Trapping and Behavioural Research
  • Barriers and Fencing
Funding Source
Grant Round 3 - Home Range Behaviour

Original Grant: $300,000. Additional funding allotted: $70,541

This deed originally aimed to further understanding of how Bennett's (Macropus rufogriseus) and Rufous (Thylogale billardierii) wallabies reacted following lethal control programs. The project aimed to:
      a) study the seasonal movements and habitat usage of GPS collared individuals (including different demographics) from areas adjacent to a lethal control
      b) quantify movement rates of animals i.e. the re-emergence of a browsing population of wallabies into a controlled area to measure the effectiveness of short-term culls on browsing pressure and consequently plant survival.
      c) compare population density of Bennett's and Rufous wallabies both in and adjacent to areas in which lethal control is applied.
Due to some operational difficulties with collaring animals for this project, a review of objectives had to take place part way through, and one of the two trial sites was subsequently fenced off and the trial design modified to monitor the comparative behavioural response between shooting and fencing controls.

Further Information
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