Humane Herbivore Control (Part 2): Cyanide Products for Wallabies and Possums

Dr. Charles Eason, Connovation Pty Ltd:

Strategic Plan Areas

Alternative Toxins and Fertility Control

Funding Source

Grant Round 1


Original Grant: $150,000. Additional funding allotted: $17,540. Amount Paid: $167540.


Cyanide formulations (Feratox® and Cyanara®) were identified by the Initial Independent Reviewer as potential alternatives to 1080 for browsing mammal management in Tasmania, offering advantages of relative humaneness and low environmental persistence.

New cyanide products had been used for effective possum control in New Zealand over the last decade. Improvements in targeted delivery have increased specificity and reduced operator risk.

This project aimed to fund preliminary pen and field tests of the efficacy and humanness of Feratox® against Bennetts Wallabies, and to help identify optimal cyanide formulations and delivery method(s) for wider field-testing in Tasmania.

Final funding for this project was contingent on positive findings on the social acceptability and registration ability for these products from Part 1 of the deed.

Further Information

Eason C, Statham M, Hix S, Shapiro L, Statham H, MacMorran D. (2010) A review of the development of cyanide pellets (2007-2010) as a humane alternative to sodium fluoroacetate (1080) for wallaby and possum control: achievements and future plans. Prepared for Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) Tasmania

Eason CT, Shapiro L, Adams P, Hix H, Cunningham C, MacMorran D, Statham M, Statham H. (2010) Advancing a humane alternative to sodium fluoroacetate (1080) for wildlife management - welfare and wallaby control. Wildlife Research, Vol 37, Number 6, pp. 497-503

Steve Hix, Lee Shapiro, Duncan MacMorran and Charles Eason (2008), Connovation Final Report - Bait palatability and effectiveness of Feratox® in cage trials on Bennett's wallabies

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