Developing Multi Agent Herbivore Repellents

Connovation and Lincoln University:

Strategic Plan Areas

Repellents and Deterrents

Funding Source

Grant Round 2 - Repellents


Grant: $23,000


Existing research has seen the identification of a large number of repellents and deterrents including predator odours, egg and acrylic combinations, protein hydrolysates e.g. casein, hot irritant secondary plant compounds such as capsaicin, emetics, gritty materials, bitter agents e.g bitrex and synthetic fermented egg (SFE).

This project aimed to capitalise on this existing research investment and purposely move away from comparative testing of single active ingredients and products containing single actives.

Instead, this project aimed to develop a contact repellent by combining the best of existing 'actives', including predators' odours in a single formulation that will work through several different mechanisms including taste and fear, combining the characteristics of "contact" and "area" repellents.

The overall objective of this research was to fast-track the development of more effective repellent formulations targeting possums and wallabies to provide more prolonged multi-species browsing control.
Further Information
Shapiro L, Hix S, MacMorran D, Aylett P, Eason C. (2008) Final Herbivore Repellent Report prepared for The Department of Primary Industries and Water, Hobart, Tasmania. Connovation, Auckland.
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