Commercial Wallaby Hunter's Licence

A Commercial Wallaby Hunter's Licence authorises the holder to:

a) take wallaby during the open season specified in the licence; and
b) to sell the skins of any wallaby taken by the holder; and
c) to sell the meat of any wallaby taken by the holder to an accredited game meat processor (human consumption) or an accredited pet food works, within the meaning of the Primary Produce Safety Act 2011, or to the person in charge of the operation of any accredited game meat processor or accredited pet food processort, within the meaning of that Act.

Wallaby means: Bennett's (or Red-necked) Wallaby Macropus rufogriseus and Tasmanian Pademelon (or Rufous wallaby) Thylogale billardierii.​

Untreated and unmarked skins may only be sold to the holder of a Fauna Dealers Skins Licence. Contact the Wildlife Management Branch, DPIPWE on 6165 4305 regarding this licence.

The Commercial Wallaby Seasons is:

The Commercial Wallaby Season across Tasmania, Flinders and King Island will commence on the 27 February 2017 and continue until the 25 February 2018.​


Applicants need to provide:

a) A completed application form (which includes Firearms Licence number and date of birth).
b) If applicants have identified on their application form that they will be selling game animal carcases (meat) then they must provide:

Either a copy of their Certificate in Game Harvester Skill Set (AMPSS00018) delivered by TasTAFE, for attaching to their completed application form.

Course Contact:
Meat Processing TasTAFE
GPO Box 2015  HOBART  TAS  7001
Ph: (03) 6165 5917


Provide a copy of their Certificate for sighting by Service Tasmania or Departmental staff who note that they have sighted the Certificate on the customers application form.
c) Payment of fees.

Applications can be paid at:

Service Tasmania Shops
Ph: 1300 135 513


Fee: $62.00 from 1 July 2017.

Download the application form

  Application Form for Commercial Hunting of Wallabies   (220Kb)


Game Management Enquiries
PO Box 46
Phone: 03 6777 2084
Fax: 03 6777 5154

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