Mammals of Tasmania

New Born Tasmanian DevilTasmania has many unique mammals found nowhere else in the world. Some, like the Tasmanian devil are well-known. Others, such as the eastern quoll, pademelon,bettong and long-tailed mouse are less well-known, but equally fascinating.

Like most of Australia's mammals, the Tasmanian mammal fauna comprises many marsupials, or pouched mammals. Marsupials are remarkable for their method of reproduction, such as the production of very tiny young which complete their development in a pouch.

Tasmania has many species which have become, or are on the verge of extinction on mainland Australia. The relatively large amount of intact habitat on the island, and the absence of many introduced animals (such as the fox - until recently) that have caused problems elsewhere make Tasmania a final refuge - a last chance - for many species.

Choose the species or mammal family you wish to see from the full species list below:
ORDER MONOTREMATA (Echidnas and Platypus)
    Family Ornithorhychidae (Platypus)

ORDER POLYPROTODONTA (Carnivorous Marsupials and Bandicoots)
ORDER DIPROTODONTA (Possums, Kangaroos and Wombats)
    Family Vombatidae (Wombats)


ORDER RODENTIA (Rats and Mice)
ORDER CETACEA (Whales and Dolphins)
    Family Delphinidae (Dolphins)
      Longfin pilot whale Globicephala melaena
      Killer whale Orcinus orca
      False killer whale Pseudorca crassidens
      Common dolphin Delphinus delphis
      Bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus
    Family Physeteridae (Sperm Whales)
      Sperm whale Physeter catodon
    Family Balaenidae (Right Whales)
      Southern right whale Eubalena australis
      Pygmy right whale Caperea marginata
      Humpback Megaptera novaeangliae

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