Selling Water

Selling water is a private matter between individuals. However approvals must be obtained from the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment prior to the transfer taking place.

Points to Consider

  • Release of water from storages must not harm the environment.
  • The party receiving the water must have a licence to take water out of the water resource at their point of diversion, unless the point of diversion is located in an Irrigation District.
  • Before the Department of Primary Industries and Water issues a licence and approves the transfer, it will need to be satisfied that satisfactory arrangements have been put in place to manage the water leaving the dam and being diverted from the watercourse. Normally, this requirement will be covered by a legal agreement between the parties concerned that is satisfactory to the Department.
  • Conditions may be placed on the transfer to protect the rights of other users and the environment. These conditions may include the installation of metering devices downstream of the dam and at the point of diversion, as well as a requirement to read and report on water diverted through the meter on a regular basis.


Transfer Application Form

The Transfer of a Water Licence or Water Allocation Form should be forwarded to the Water Management Branch with the application fee.

Approved form - application for transfer of water licence or water allocation (37 KB)

Temporary Water Trade Agreement

The water transferor and transferee must provide details of the water resource and have the agreement of the owners of the water storages through which the traded water will pass.

Temporary Water Trade Agreement (83 KB)

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