Water Management Legislation

A number of key pieces of legislation are relevant to the management of the State's water resources. The objectives of those Acts are provided below.

In this Topic

  • Water Management Act
    Provides for the allocation and management of Tasmania's freshwater resources.
  • Water Regulations
    There are 3 separate sets of regulations under the Water Management Act 1999.
  • Review of the Water Management Act 1999
    The Act has operated through a period of significant policy and legislative reform. Reviews have found that the objectives of the Act continue to be relevant and in general, the Act continues to operate effectively.
  • Irrigation Clauses Act 1973
    The Irrigation Clauses Act 1973 provides for the operation of irrigation schemes.

The Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 is the primary environmental protection legislation in Tasmania.  See the EMPCA website​ for more information.

The Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2011 and Water and Sewerage Corporations Act 2008 are the mechanisms by which structural and regulatory reform of the Urban Water and Sewerage Sector are being implemented.