National Water Initiative

National Water Commission

The National Water Commission is an independent statutory body in the Prime Minister's portfolio. It was established under the National Water Commission Act 2004. It is responsible for driving water reform at the national level through the promotion of the National Water Initiative (NWI).

National Water Initiative

Tasmania became a signatory to the National Water Initiative on 2 June 2005. The NWI sets out objectives, outcomes and actions for the ongoing process of national water reform and timelines to achieve this reform.

The National Water Initiative outlines a number of key areas which will be critical to water reform:
    • water access entitlements and planning framework
    • water markets and trading
    • best practice water pricing
    • integrated management of water for environmental and other public benefit outcomes
    • water resource accounting
    • urban water reform
    • knowledge and capacity building
    • community partnerships and adjustment.
For more information see the National Water Commission website:

NWI in Tasmania

  • Tasmania has developed an Implementation Plan that describes the actions that Tasmania will take to implement the NWI.
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