Fishing around the Tamar Estuary

Where to Fish

Popular Species

Flathead, Australian salmon, snapper, elephantfish, King George whiting, longfin pike, garfish, barracouta, cod, mackerel, flounder, wrasse, mullet, calamari, flounder and gummy shark (outside the Shark Refuge Area).

Local Fishing Spots

Greens Beach, Kelso Jetty, Clarence Point, Beauty Point Wharf, Sidmouth, Deviot Pontoon, Hillwood, George Town, Low Head Pilot Station, Beechford, Weymouth and Bellingham.

Points of Interest

  • The Tamar River estuary has deep channels with strong currents and tidal flow into Bass Strait that support important fish habitats including sponge gardens, seagrasses, mud and sand flats and spectacular rocky reefs.  
  • Try fishing outside the Tamar Estuary for good-sized flathead. Fishers who encounter undersize flathead inside the estuary should carefully release them.
  • The Tamar River is a Shark Refuge Area. No taking of sharks, skates or rays other than elephantfish.
  • Do not eat wild shellfish from the Tamar River Estuary and limit consumption of scalefish caught to 2-3 serves per week due to heavy metal contamination.  More information:


Recreational Fishing Enquiries
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