Fishing around the North West Coast

Where to Fish

Popular Species

Warehou, flathead, Australian salmon, mullet, gurnard, wrasse, barracouta, snook, King George whiting, mako shark, snapper, squid, sweep and tailor.  Offshore species include mako and gummy shark. 

Local Fishing Spots

Burnie Boat Ramp, Cooee Point, Doctors Rocks, Wynyard Wharf, Boat Harbour, Sisters Beach, Rocky Cape, Stanley Wharf, East and West Inlet, Godfrey’s Beach, Duck Bay, Montagu, Arthur River and Marrawah. 

Points of Interest

  • No seine or gillnets can be used in Robbins Passage.  For other no netting areas, please see the Recreational Sea Fishing Guide or Tas Fish Guide app.
  • Blue warehou migrate along the North West Coast from east to west with the experiencing stock declines in recent years. During the warmer months, schools of Australian salmon can be seen migrating along North West Coast waters.
  • There are many remote fishing areas in the North West region.  Report any suspected illegal fishing to Fishwatch on 0427 655 557.


Recreational Fishing Enquiries
Recreational Fisheries Section
1 Franklin Wharf
Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: 03 6165 3233, 1300 720 647

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