Fishing around the North East Coast and Flinders Island

Where to Fish

Popular Species

Flathead, Australian salmon, silver trevally, garfish, gummy shark, bream, squid, striped trumpeter, King George Whiting, barracouta, gurnard, flounder and snapper.

Local Fishing Spots

North East - Bridport, Waterhouse, Tomahawk, Petal Point, Little and Great Musselroe Bays, Eddystone Point and Ansons Bay.  

Flinders Island - Whitemark Wharf, Lady Barron Wharf, Settlement Point, Palana and North East River.

Points of Interest

  • Several species of large flathead are caught in this area.  They can be identified by the size of the gill cover spines and the tail markings.
  • Ansons Bay is a recreational only scalefishing area valued for its bream and King George whiting.  Shellfish can also be collected from intertidal areas by hand. Follow any public health alerts relating to eating wild shellfish.
  • Large-sized limpets occur in this area, particularly on Flinders Island.  Limpets are a protected species in Tasmania and cannot be taken.


Recreational Fishing Enquiries
Recreational Fisheries Section
1 Franklin Wharf
Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: 03 6165 3233, 1300 720 647

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