Fishing in the Derwent Estuary Region

​Where to Fish

Popular Species

Sand flathead, barracouta, bream, Australian salmon, trout, mullet, cod, wrasse, whiting, jackass morwong, yellowtail kingfish and blue grenadier.

Local Fishing Spots

Dowsing Point, Botanical Gardens, Tasman Bridge, Regatta Grounds, Sandy Bay, Taroona, Alum Cliffs, Browns River, Kingston, Blackmans Bay, South Arm Jetty, Opossum Bay Jetty, Ralphs Bay, Bellerive Bluff, Lindisfarne, Otago Bay, Old Beach and Bridgewater.

Points of Interest

  • The River Derwent is a Shark Refuge Area. No taking of sharks, skates or rays other than elephantfish.
  • Taroona Waters Research Area – no taking of abalone or rock lobster.  Taking scalefish by angling is allowed.
  • Do not eat shellfish and bream from the Derwent Estuary and limit consumption of other scalefish due to heavy metal contamination. More information: 


Recreational Fishing Enquiries
Recreational Fisheries Section
1 Franklin Wharf
Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: 03 6165 3233, 1300 720 647

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