New Giant Crab Management Plan

Fish illustration by Peter GouldthorpeThe Minister for Infrastructure acting for and on behalf of the Minister for Primary Industries and Water has approved the new giant crab management plan (the Fisheries (Giant Crab) Rules 2013), these will come into force for the start of the new season on 1 March 2013.

The new management plan is largely based on the previouse management plan which expires at the end of February 2013. The primary changes found in the new management plan include:

    • the removal of carryover provisions;
    • the removal of the maximum size limit for giant crab;
    • giant crab to be taken under the authority of a single licence held on a fishing certificate;
    • the removal of interstate unloading provisions; and
    • all giant crab to be unloaded before a fishing vessel leaves State waters.

A copy of the management plan (the Fisheries (Giant Crab) Rules 2013) and a description of changes found in the new management plan can be downloaded from the links below.

Giant Crab Rules 2013 (2.84 MB)

Summary of Changes to Giant Crab Management Plan (68 KB)

Further information:

Contact: Fisheries Management Officer (Crustacean)
James Parkinson
Fisheries Management Officer
1 Franklin Wharf HOBART TAS 7000 TAS
Phone: 03 6165 3045

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