Valuation Statistics

Valuation Rolls

This table shows the overall figures relating to 29 Tasmanian Valuation Rolls as at 1 July each year.

Municipal Areas​​29​29​29​29​29​29​29
Valuation Roll Entries​270,504270,504​​273,719​275,412277,882​​279,687
​​Total Land Value​$38.652 billion​$40.551 billion​$40.578 billion​$41.977 billion​$42.246 billion

​$42.864 billion

​Total Capital Area $​86.630 billion$91.062 billion​​$92.139 billion​$94.920 billion​$96.132 billion

​$98.091 billion

​Total Assessed Annual Value ​$4.280 billion​$4.350 billion​$4.409 billion​$4.589 billion​$4.647 billion​$4.783 billion



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