Statutory Valuations - Revaluations and Supplementary Valuations

Statutory Valuations

The Valuer-General is required to assess statutory values of all properties in Tasmania, including Crown land that is liable for rating.  The three values assessed are Land Value, Capital Value and Assessed Annual Value.   Generally a fresh valuation (revaluation) of a municipality is undertaken every 6 years, with supplementary valuations being undertaken during the 6 year period, whenever a change occurs to some aspect of a property.

The values and other specific information is maintained in a Valuation Roll for each municipality.


About the Fresh Valuation (Revaluation) cycle

The current revaluation schedule is a six-year cycle, with one-third of municipalities being revalued every two years.  Valuations are effective from 1 July in the year of issue. 

A high resolution PDF map showing the Revaluation Program is available below.

Municipal Revaluation Map (1.75 MB)

See the Owner's Guide - Fresh Valuations (Revaluations) (PDF) for an explanation of the revaluation process.

Revaluation Schedule

This table shows the date of the last revaluation for each council.  Property owners can also review valuation details for their property via the LIST website at

​Levels of Value DateIssued​​Next Fresh Valuation Due
​Break O'Day1 July 2012​2013​2018/19
​Brighton1 July 2012​2013​​2018/19
​Burnie1 July 2012​​2013​​2018/19
​Central Coast1 July 2012​2013​​​2018/19
​Central Highlands1 July 20142015​2020/21
​Circular Head1 July 2012​​2013​​2018/19
​Clarence1 July 2012​​2013​​2018/19
​Derwent Valley​1 July 2016​2017​2022/23
​Devonport1 July 20142015​​2020/21
​Dorset1 July 2016​​2017​​2022/23
​Flinders1 July 2016​​2017​​2022/23
​George Town​1 July 2012​​2013​​2018/19
​Glamorgan-Spring Bay​1 July 2016​​2017​​2022/23
​Glenorchy​1 July 2016​​2017​​2022/23
​Hobart​1 July 2014​20152020/21​
​Huon Valley​1 July 20142015​2020/21
​Kentish​1 July 2014​2015​2020/21
​Kingborough​1 July 2014​2015​2020/21
King Island​1 July 2016​​2017​​2022/23
​Latrobe​1 July 2014​20152020/21​
​Launceston​1 July 2016​​2017​2022/23​
​Meander Valley​1 July 2012​2013​​2018/19​
​Northern Midlands​1 July 2012​​2013​​2018/19
​Sorell​1 July 2016,​​2017​​2022/23
​Southern Midlands​1 July 2014​2015​2020/21
​Tasman​1 July 2016​​2017​​2022/23
​Waratah-Wynyard​1 July 2016​​2017​​2022/23
​West Coast​1 July 2014​20152020/21​
​West Tamar​1 July 2012​​2013​​2018/19



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