Notice of Valuation

The Notice of Valuation is used to inform land owners and lessees of changes to property valuation details.

Property valuations are undertaken in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 2001. These valuations assist government is assessing land and property values, and may be used for rating and taxing purposes.

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For more information see the booklet: Owner's guide - fresh valuations (revaluations).

See below for how to lodge a objection to a vaulation.

Explanatory Notes regarding Notice of Valuation form


    Land value - is the value of the property including draining, excavation, filling, reclamation, clearing and any other invisible improvements made to the land. It excludes all visible improvements, such as buildings, structures, fixtures, roads, standings, dams, channels, artificially established trees and pastures and other like improvements.

    Capital value - is the total value of the property (including the land value), excluding plant and machinery.

    Assessed Annual Value - is the gross annual rental value of the property excluding GST, municipal rates and land tax, but cannot be less than 4% of the capital value.


    The values shown on this form -
    (a) may be used for rating and taxing purposes (NOTE - this is not a demand for the payment of rates or taxes);
    (b) are subject to Adjustment Factors which reflect market movements in values. For further information visit Property owners can find out the Adjustment Factors and Classifications that apply to their property at


    If you disagree with your valuations, you can lodge a formal objection with the Valuer-General within 60 days after receipt of the notice. The objection must be made on the Objection to Valuation Form.

      Objection to Valuation Form   (141Kb)

    An objection is a formal process and there are specific legislative requirements for both you and the Valuer-General.


    If any of the details shown on this notice are incorrect, please report them to the Office of the Valuer-General, particularly if -
    (a) any, or all of this property has been sold; and/or
    (b) improvements have been made which are not correctly recorded.

    Property owners can also find out the individual Adjustment Factors that are applied to their property by accessing the LIST at

    Note - that in any communication to the Office of the Valuer-General, you need to Quote the Property ID number (from the front of the Notice of Valuation).


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