Plan of Survey Checklist


  1. Folio plan correctly drawn from survey notes
  2. Plot and scale of folio plan are correct
  3. Close all lots from survey notes
  4. Close all traverse, roadside and easement data
  5. Survey notes must describe:
    • bearing and coordinate datum (GDA) and origin(s)
    • all bearing and coordinate values expressed in terms of MGA
    • estimate of coordinate positional uncertainty
    • scale factor and sea level correction
    • 2 coordinated corners
    • 3 reference marks
    • lot corner marks
    • traverse marks
    • unique number/letter identifying every survey mark
    • nature of boundaries
    • date of commencement and completion
    • any amendments to be initialled.

Boundary Examination

  1. Folio plan preamble is current and correct
  2. Lot abuttal information is current and correct
  3. Road names are shown on the folio plan
  4. Relevant surveys are cross referenced on the folio plan
  5. All certificates are signed and dated
  6. Compare new lot boundaries to plan of title boundaries
  7. Re-establishment of all boundaries considered and proved
  8. Prepare a boundary fixation report if required
  9. Note why general law or sketch boundaries exceed occupation
  10. Excess boundary measurements over title are acceptable
  11. Water way definition accords with accretion/erosion/ad medium filum
  12. Mixed balance portions are defined in survey notes
  13. Easements are properly fixed and described
  14. Balance plan presentation and easements are correct
  15. Plan details accord with the schedule of easements, covenants or profits existing or being created
  16. Plan details accord with the intention of the accompanying application, dealing, etc. to be registered.

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