What is parodi?

(Eleocharis parodi)

Parodi, image: Weeds Australia

  • Parodi is a declared weed in Tasmania under the Tasmanian Weed Management Act 1999. The importation, sale and distribution of parodi are prohibited in Tasmania.
  • The legal responsibilities of landholders and other stakeholders in dealing with parodi are laid out in the Parodi Statutory Weed Management Plan

What does parodi look like?

  • Parodi is a perennial (long-lived) aquatic herb growing to around 45 cm high. It has a rush-like form with pith-filled stems and reduced leaves and small flowers. The flowers occur in terminal heads.
  • Parodi spreads by seed and rhizomatous stolons (runners). Seeds are long-lived and can germinate in water. Spread occurs when seed or rhizome material is moved in water or via contaminated mud, vehicles and machinery.

Impacts of parodi

  • Parodi can infest fresh water bodies and disrupt irrigation supply channels.

Where does parodi occur?

  • Parodi is native to Argentina.
  • In Australia, parodi has naturalised in New South Wales at Griffith.
  • Parodi has not managed to establish in Tasmania.

What you need to do

  • If you locate parodi anywhere in Tasmania, or if you find a plant that you think could be parodi, immediately contact your Regional Weed Management Officer on 1300 368 550 to report this weed.

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