Fox Eradication Program

The Fox Eradication Program, including evidence collected during its operation, is the subject of a complaint to the Integrity Commission.

The Department advises that the information on these pages will be reviewed in light of any outcomes of the Integrity Commission’s consideration of the complaint.​

The Fox Eradication Program was an integrated eradication effort initiated by the Tasmanian Government in response to evidence of fox activity in Tasmania. The program started in 2006 and was unique in attempting to eradicate foxes before recognised establishment had occurred and fox impacts were highly visible. The Fox Eradication Program was completed in 2014.

Not wanted! Foxes are recognised as a real and serious threat to Tasmania's unique wildlife, agriculture and economy. It is important that the Tasmanian community remain alert and report all fox sightings or any possible evidence of fox activity to the Invasive Species Hotline on 1300 369 688.

The following pages provide information about foxes, their likely impacts in Tasmania and the completed fox eradication effort.

In this Topic

  • Fox Evidence Update
    Overview of physical items that have indicated fox acitivity in Tasmania.
  • Fox Profile
    Foxes are efficient and extremely adaptable predators. Our resources will assist you in identifying foxes and outline the threats foxes pose to Tasmania.
  • Importing Foxes
    Restrictions apply to the importation of foxes and fox products into Tasmania. It is prohibited to bring live foxes into Tasmania.


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