Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan


The purpose of the Tasmanian Cat Management Plan is to improve the management of feral and domestic cats in Tasmania, and reduce the negative impacts they have on the environment, agriculture and human health. 

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For the Tasmanian Cat Management Plan to succeed, all levels of Government as well as the community will need to work cooperatively. This work will need to be guided by a shared understanding that there is a need on the one hand to encourage responsible cat ownership, accepting the positive role that cats can play in our community, and on the other hand to understand and mitigate the negative impacts that cats can have.


This Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan has been prepared by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. It embodies the considered analysis and proposals of the Tasmanian Cat Management Reference Group, which represents the key cat management stakeholder groups in the State. The Reference Group was established by the Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Jeremy Rockliff MP, in May 2015 to provide advice on a cat management plan. 

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The Minister will consider the Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan and the submissions that have been received from the public before approving a final plan.
Members of the Reference Group come from a range of organisations with a direct interest in the management of cats: 
    • Australian Veterinary Association, Tasmanian Division 
    • Cat Association of Tasmania
    • Hobart Cat Centre
    • Landcare Tasmania
    • Local Government Association of Tasmania
    • Natural Resource Management regional bodies (represented by NRM South)  
    • RSPCA
    • Tasmanian Conservation Trust Inc.
    • Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association 
    • University of Tasmania

Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan - supporting documents

The material that was made available for the now completed consultation stage comprised:
Summary -  provides a summary of key points and recommendations contained in the Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan

The Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan - detailing the proposals and recommendations of the Reference Group
   Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan   (820Kb)
Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan​ - Background Document - provides important additional information on all the issues covered in the Plan

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