Scientific Advisory Committee (Threatened Species)

The establishment of the Scientific Advisory Committee (threatened species) is provided for under section 8 of the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995. This legislation also sets out the functions of the Committee which are to advise the Minister and Secretary of the Department of Primary Industries and Water on:
  1. the listing and de-listing of taxa of flora and fauna
  2. threatening processes
  3. the criteria to be followed in the determination of critical habitats
  4. other matters relating to the conservation of threatened native flora and fauna
  5. the review and approval of listing statements.
All members are to have special knowledge and experience in the sciences of flora or fauna conservation or ecology. Members must collectively have expertise in the following categories:
  1. vertebrate fauna
  2. invertebrate fauna
  3. vascular flora
  4. non-vascular flora
  5. taxonomy
  6. marine ecology
  7. freshwater ecology
  8. terrestrial ecology
  9. population ecology.

The Committee may consult with members of the broader scientific community as it considers appropriate.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee (Threatened Species - September 2015)​​

Mr Raymond Brereton (Chair)
Mr Brereton has extensive experience with the terrestrial fauna of Tasmania both vertebrate and invertebrate having worked as a fauna ecologist with the Forest Practices Authority and the Threatened Species Section of the Department of Primary Industries and Water. He is currently employed as a Senior Ecologist with Hydro Tasmania Consulting where his role is to carry out fauna and flora surveys and assessments across a range of habitats in Tasmania and south eastern Australia.

Mr Patrick Dalton
Mr Dalton has extensive expertise in the non-vascular flora of Tasmania. He is currently a Lecturer in the School of Plant Science, University of Tasmania.

Dr Catherine Byrne
Dr Byrne has extensive experience in invertebrate fauna and is currently a museum curator and insect taxonomist at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Associate Professor Stewart Frusher
Associate Professor Frusher has over 30 years' experience in marine science research. He is the Program Leader, Estuaries and Coasts based at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Fisheries and Aquaculture Centre.

Dr Scott Hardie
Dr Hardie has extensive expertise in freshwater ecology and is currently a Senior Aquatic Ecologist with the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Mr Andrew North
Mr North is a Biological Consultant with North Barker Ecosystem Services. He has over 20 years practical professional experience conducting investigations of Tasmania’s native vascular flora with particular consideration of threatened flora.

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