Seal & Fishery Interaction

Seal Management Framework 2014

The Seal Management Framework 2014 describes the mechanisms and procedures available to marine farmers to manage seal interactions so as to minimise risks of death or injury to farm workers.

The Framework is currently under review, as announced by the Minister for Primary Industries and Water on 21 September 2017.

The publication is available online:

Seal Management Framework 2014

Fisheries Interaction Management Strategy
Previously, a strategy was developed by the Marine and Marine Industries Council (MMIC) in response to concerns about the interaction between seals and the fishing and aquaculture industries. The accompanying Background Report discusses the issues considered during the development of the Strategy.

MMIC was established by the (then) Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Environment, the Hon David Llewellyn, in 1999. Its membership represents a range of key stakeholders who have individual expertise in areas such as marine conservation, management and utilisation. The Minister referred the problem of seal interactions with fishing and fish farming to the Council in September 2000.

The Strategy was prepared by a DPIWE Project Team under direction from MMIC.

Written by Marine and Marine Industries Council.
Published by Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.
(Published in 2002)
Copyright Government of Tasmania 2002
This publication is available online:

A Seal / ​Fishery Intera​ction Management Strategy

A Seal / Fishery​ Interaction Management Strategy - Background Report


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