Pest Identification

Slowing the spread of marine pests requires cooperation from all users of our marine resources. Knowing how to identify marine pests can be a useful tool in preventing the spread of these pests. If you see a marine pest outside of its current distribution, please contact the Marine Environment Section of the Department (see below). There are several key marine pests in Tasmania.

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  • Asian Bag Mussel
    The Asian Bag Mussel is found in the Tamar River (Launceston), the Mersey River (Devonport) and St Helens.
  • Caulerpa taxifolia
    Has been widely used as a decorative plant in the marine aquarium trade and if released in Tasmanian waters has the potential to grow rapidly into large colonies.
  • European Clam
    The European clam is widely distributed across the whole of the north coast and down the east coast to Dover.
  • European Green Crab
    The European green crab is widely distributed across the whole of the north coast and down the east coast.
  • Fan Worm
    The distribution of the European fan worm is currently restricted to the Mersey River (Devonport).
  • Northern Pacific Seastar
    Populations are found along the east coast from Banks Strait down to Southport in the south.
  • Potential Marine Pests
    Include Colonial seasquirt, Asian paddle crab, Chinese mitten crab and Aquarium caulerpa.
  • Undaria
    Undaria is distributed on the East coast from Great Oyster Bay to the D'Entrecasteaux Channel. There is also a population in Georges Bay.


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