Flowering Times of Tasmanian Orchids: A Practical Guide for Field Botanists

This document has been updated since the April 2008 version to reflect additions of new species (Eriochilus magenteus and Spiranthes alticola), taxonomic changes (Calochilus platychila replacing C. robertsonii), deletions of species (Prasophyllum aff. pyriforme now subsumed in P. rostratum), minor clarifications to some species (e.g. clear recognition of Pterostylis furcata and P. falcata in Tasmania) and minor changes to flowering times of some species based on new information.

This document has been prepared to assist administrators (e.g. those in government agencies that recommend surveys for certain species), landowners, land managers, property developers, forest managers (e.g. those that are told they need to have a survey undertaken) and field botanists (e.g. those actually doing the surveys) in making rational decisions regarding the timing of surveys for orchids. It may also be a handy reference for orchid enthusiasts and botanists who wish to see what is likely to be flowering at any given time during the year.

Please note that the formatting of this PDF document may not be preserved by some printers, especially if you're using an older version of Adobe Acrobat. We recommend printing a test page from a section of the document that includes all three types of shading and hatching used in the table to ensure these can be distinguished. If you have trouble printing the table, please contact the authors (contact details in the document) for a Microsoft Word version.

Written by Wapstra, M., Roberts, N., Wapstra, H. & Wapstra, A..
(Published in September 2010)
Copyright Government of Tasmania September 2010
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