Scientific Authorities to Collect Earth Materials

The collection of earth materials including minerals, rock, sediment, soil, fossils, speleothems from any public land outside declared fossicking areas requires a permit. Refer to the Mineral Resources Tasmania website for declared Tasmanian fossicking areas.

The type of permit available, issuing authority and statutory penalty for collecting without a permit vary according to:
  • land tenure and the legislation under which the land is managed
  • why materials are being collected.
Permits to collect earth materials from Crown or reser​ved land for scientific or educational purposes are issued by the Natural Values Conservation Branch, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. Please see the following link for application forms and more information:​
The Nature Conservation Act 2002 applies to the following reserve classes:
  • National park
  • State reserve
  • Nature reserve
  • Game reserve
  • Conservation area
  • Nature recreation area
  • Regional reserve
  • Historic site
  • Private sanctuary
  • Private nature reserve
Other public land may be either subject to the Crown Lands Act 1976 or administered by Forestry Tasmania, Hydro Tasmania or local councils. To determine the tenure of any land in Tasmania see TheLIST at

Most public land types including some of the above reserve classes are subject to the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995. For information on permit applications for prospecting, mineral exploration or similar purposes, refer to the Mineral Resources website.

On private land to a depth of at least 15m all earth materials belong to the landowner, subject to exceptions under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995.

Geotechnical sampling using a hand auger
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