Species and Communities of Significance

‚ÄčThe value of a natural area is primarily related to elements (in this case native plant species and communities) which are considered to have some attribute that makes them significant and/or special at either the regional, state, national or international level.

There are many attributes which confer 'significance' to a species or community including level of threat, rarity, unusual distribution patterns such as endemicity, and anthropogenic importance such as scientific interest. Most of this information is currently captured in the Tasmanian Natural Values Atlas and additional data on significant and/or special attributes is continually being added to the Atlas. This page provides information on values which are currently considered to be significant or special for native plant species and native vegetation communities. The information is for use by consultants, planners and land managers for reporting on these values.

Threatened Vegetation Communities

Threatened Native Plant Species

Species of Special Significance

Current Reports on Significant Values

Reporting on Significant Values

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