Tasmanian Reserve Estate Spatial Layer


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The Tasmanian Reserve Estate spatial layer has been created to provide the mapped extent of the reserve system in Tasmania.

The reserve system extends over land, inland waters, estuaries and marine areas.

The layer provides a spatial representation of Tasmania’s Reserve Estate for use as the authoritative source of information on the extent, type and distribution of the comprehensive, adequate and representative (CAR) reserve system in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Reserve Estate spatial layer is generally created with an as-at date of the end of each financial year. It is available around the end of November, following the as-at date.

Area of Tasmania Reserved as at 30 June 2015

The Tasmanian Reserve Estate spatial layer as at 30 June 2015 indicates a total reserved area of 3,599,500 hectares, including formal and informal reserves on public land, reserves on private land, and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

The terrestrial reserved area is 3,412,500 hectares, or 50.1% of the area of Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Reserve Estate includes a further 135,400 hectares in Marine Protected Areas, of which Macquarie Island MPA is 74,700 hectares. There are a further 51,500 hectares under reserve in other areas of the marine and estuarine environments.

Notes: The area of Tasmania used is 6.81 million hectares, based on the mean high-water mark. This includes Macquarie Island and other Tasmanian offshore islands. It excludes estuaries. 

Business Rules and Metadata

The Tasmanian Reserve Estate spatial layer has been developed by following established Business Rules. This ensures the layer is kept up to date in a consistent manner and provides a consistent basis for reporting on attributes of the reserve system. A matrix is given to show which reserve classes are used for various reporting requirements.

Areas by Class

This table provides areas for the Reserve Estate by reserve class. Terrestrial and Marine breakdowns are also given. For more information about reserves on public land under the Nature Conservation Act 2002, please refer to the Parks and Wildlife website.

Report of TASVEG Vegetation Communities in Tasmania's Reserve System

The table, below, provides information for each TASVEG community. Area within different reserve types is given, along with catchment, IBRA, and NRM breakdowns. Threatened Native Vegetation Communities have been indicated in the spreadsheet. A separate analysis of the Reservation Status of Vascular Flora can also be examined.

Reporting Uses

The Tasmanian Reserve Estate spatial layer is used to underpin regular reporting about the reserve system, in the DPIPWE Annual Report and to CAPAD,Tasmania Together, State and National State of the Forests Reports, State of the Environment Reports, National Reserve System, World Wildlife Fund, and other initiatives on request.

Tasmanian Reservation Histories

The compilation of Tasmanian reservation histories is in progress. The reservation histories have been compiled from a variety of sources and whilst all effort has been made, there can be no assurance that they are a complete and accurate historical record for each reserve.

Accessing the Data

The Tasmanian Reserve Estate spatial layer can be accessed in two ways:

1. On the LIST

The Tasmanian Reserve Estate spatial layer is available on the web, where it can be searched in a map-based tool via the Tasmanian Government's LIST website.

1. Go to the LIST.
2. Click LISTmap
3. Select Theme: Mapping (this will give a topographic background)
4. Choose quick link or type Place name (map should appear)
5. In the LISTmap window, Click Manage Layers
6. Click the pull-down menu under Available Categories
7. Under Land Use and Administration, Click Reserves
8. Use the arrows to select and transfer Tasmanian Reserve Estate from the Available Layers box to the Displayed Layers box.
9. Click Apply
10. To get reserve attributes highlight Tasmanian Reserve Estate in the Layers box and then click on the reserve using the information tool.

2. Acquire the spatial layer

The layer is available in shapefile format. If your organisation has a Service Level Agreement with the LIST, then the Tasmanian Reserve Estate spatial layer is available through the LIST data delivery mechanism. Otherwise, please contact the layer's administrator (details below).


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