Natural Values Information

​The links below provide access to a wide range of resources and publications to assist landowners in managing their properties.

Mapping and spatial information

Mapping and information products:

    • The LIST is a whole of government service that delivers integrated Tasmanian land information online
    • The DPIPWE Natural Values Atlas contains records of mapped natural values in Tasmania
    • Information on freshwater values in Tasmania can be accessed via the CFEV website
    TASMAP produces a variety of topographic maps and other mapping products, including aerial photographs

General spatial information:

National information:

Climate change


Landscape scale conservation and connectivity

    • Linking Landscapes provides a forum on landscape scale connectivity conservation as a natural defence response to the challenges of climate change
    Australia 21 is an independent, non-profit organisation whose core purpose is multidisciplinary research and inquiry on issues of strategic importance to Australia in the 21st century


    • The IUCN works to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity by harnessing knowledge, developing standards and tools, convening scientists and policy-makers and influencing policy from global to local levels
    • The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity
    • The Convention on Biological Diversity is an international treaty to sustain the rich diversity of life on Earth.
    • The Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy provides a number of links and resources on biodiversity

Vegetation communities

Descriptive information:

Threatened community information:

Native plants

General species information:


Threatened flora:


    • The Fungi of Australia series and other fungi publications provide general information on Australian fungi
    Fungimap provides general information on Australian fungi
    • The article "fabulous fungi" can be found in the August 2009 edition of The Running Postman newsletter.

Native animals

General species information:

    • General information on Tasmania's native fauna can be found on the DPIPWE website

Threatened fauna:

Native animal habitat

General information:

    • General information on fauna habitat can be found in Kit 10 of the Tasmanian Bushcare Toolkit - Bugs, birds, bettongs and bush


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