Tasmania has some of the world's most stringent biosecurity regulations. Strict biosecurity requirements are in place to protect the State's environment and primary industries from introduced pests and diseases - from both overseas and the Australian mainland.

In this Topic

  • What You Can & Can't Bring into Tasmania
    Details on what you can and can't bring into Tasmania.
  • What You Can Take Out of Tasmania
    What you can and can't take out of Tasmania when travelling to other Australian states and territories.
  • Importing Animals
    Tasmania has placed controls over the importation of animals, disease agents and restricted materials from other States or Territories. These controls are enacted under the Animal Health Act 1995.
  • Importing Plants
    Information about the requirements you must meet in order to import plants, plant products (incl. seeds) or agricultural machinery into Tasmania.
  • Latest Import Restrictions
    Import restrictions recently imposed.
  • Biosecurity Forms
    Once you have worked out which import requirements apply in your case the relevant Biosecurity forms are available online.
  • Biosecurity Contacts
    Contact details for Biosecurity in Tasmania and interstate.

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