Import Requirement Restrictions

The Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania, is published annually in December of each year, as a new edition for the coming calendar year.

From time to time changes to Import Requirements need to be made at short notice. This page contains notifications of any such changes that are introduced outside of the annual edition of the manual.

​​​Import Requirement Changes

Import Requirement 2

Biosecurity Tasmania wish to advise that existing Import Requirement 2 in relation to fruit fly host product entering Tasmania has been modified to ensure risk produce is fumigated at a higher minimum temperature.

This is being implemented as a precautionary measure in a bid to further mitigate risk under current unusual Queensland fruit fly pressure.

This requirement, along with others related to fruit fly risk mitigation, will continue to be reviewed as per routine practice to ensure requirements are appropriate to the risk.

The revised Import Requirement 2 - Fruit Fly Host Produce - Disinfestation with Methyl Bromide is effective as of 2 March 2018

  Amendment of Conditions and Restrictions on the Importation of Prescribed Matter   (354Kb)

Not so familiar with Tasmania's biosecurity system? (ie occasional importers) - use the Tasmanian Biosecurity Import Requirements Database (TBIRD).


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