Industrial Hemp Bill 2015

​​In January 2015 the Government announced it would introduce special purpose legislation to simplify regulation of the industrial hemp sector in Tasmania.
The Industrial Hemp Bill 2015 has been developed to enable research in, cultivation and supply of industrial hemp in accordance with a licensing scheme to be administered by the Secretary of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE).

The objectives of the Bill are to:

  • recognise industrial hemp as a safe, commercial agricultural crop;
  • minimise regulatory obstacles to the growth of the industry;
  • provide greater certainty and transparency in the regulation of industrial hemp;
  • ensure that cultivation, wholesale, manufacturing and research activities involving industrial hemp can continue without compromising drug law enforcement; and
  • ensure that industrial hemp is regulated in accordance with international and Commonwealth obligations.
The Bill was passed by both houses of Parliament in October 2015 and supports expansion of the industrial hemp industry​​ without compromising law enforcement of illicit varieties of cannabis.

Public Consultation on draft Bill

Regulatory Impact Statement regarding the Bill was prepared by DPIPWE to examine the impact of the legislation on the hemp industry and Tasmanian community

Stakeholders were invited to provide comment on the draft Industrial Hemp Bill 2015 and accompanying Regulatory Impact Statement from 8 August 2015 until
4 September 2015.

Briefings were held with key stakeholders to discuss the Bill, identify any issues with it and propose ways to improve its efficiency. 

​Submissions received on draft Bill

The following submissions were received on the draft Industrial Hemp Bill:

All submissions are being considered by AgriGrowth Tasmania with a view to adjusting the draft legislation where necessary.

Note: The copyright in submissions sent to the Department resides with the author(s).

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