Soil Structure

Information on cropping soils, Kraznozem (now classified as Ferrosol) topsoil structure, growing green manure crops to improve soil structure, deep ripping and drainage.

In this Topic

  • Controlled Traffic Farming
    By far the most effective way to manage soil compaction is through the use of controlled traffic farming systems.
  • Deep Ripping
    Deep Ripping is a very common practice. Here farmers and experts highlight many benefits from deep ripping soil.
  • Ferrosol Topsoil Structure
    A guide to help identify soil structure problems in the paddock.
  • Green Manure
    Information regarding the use of green manure to improve soil structure and to control erosion.
  • Organic Matter
    The gradual decline in soil organic matter in Tasmania occurring under continuous cropping may leave soils more susceptible to damage and less resilient to stress.
  • Soil Compaction & Controlled Traffic Farming
    There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding soil compaction and controlled traffic farming systems, and the use of tracked versus wheeled machinery.