Growing Tasmanian Agriculture - Research, Development and Extension for 2050 Response Form 2017

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Section 1: Contemporary Agricultural Research, Development and Extension in Australia
1. Can you identify personal, business or community benefits from the investment in agricultural RD&E?

2. Many commentators believe that significant effort will be required to return productivity growth in Australian agriculture to (at least) historic rates.
If you agree, what do you think needs to happen to grow RD&E capability and impact, and how do you believe this effort should be resourced and funded?

3. Are you aware of more effective RD&E models that Tasmania could learn from?

Section 2: The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
4. What interactions do you have with TIA, if any?

5. Can you describe some of the benefits that your business, industry or community have experienced from TIA?

6. What other ways do you access research, information and/or agricultural education to enable practice changes that contribute to increased
agricultural productivity?

7. What changes would you support to TIA's role, programs, suite of projects, or staff that would improve outcomes for your business, industry or community?

8. Do you have any views on the structure or role of the TIA Advisory Board?

Section 3: History and experience in State-owned research and demonstration farms
9. What is your experience with government or educational institution-owned research and demonstration farms? Has this experience provided
benefits to your business, industry, or your community?

10. Are you aware of other models that showcase best practice and which could be adopted in Tasmania to benefit the agriculture sector?

11. Are there further best practice principles for such facilities that you are aware of?

Section 4: State-owned farms in Tasmania
12. What is your experience with these facilities?

13. What is needed to enable or enhance world class research at these facilities?

Section 5: Comments
14. Any other comments you would like to provide:

Section 6: Confidentiality
15. All submissions will be treated as public information and made available on this website. You must indicate below if you wish for your submission,
either in whole or in part, to be treated as confidential.

No personal information, other than the name of the submitter, will be disclosed.

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