Bushfires on Farming Properties

Fuel reduction burns​, Tasmania Fire Service​

​​​​Current bushfire situation, Tasmania Fire Service

Bushfire checklist, Business Tasmania

​Stock and farm animals

Include animals in your bushfire plan:

    Animal welfare during bushfires (DPIPWE)

    FAQ Accessing Fodder in Emergency Situations, Tasmania​

    Animals and bushfires planning (DPIPWE)

    Horses and livestock in Emergencies, Agriculture Victoria​

    Planning for Emergencies, Department of Primary Industries NSW

    Prepare your horse for bushfire, NSW Rural Fire Service

    Haystack fire – handy hints, Victorian Farmers Federation 

    Containment feeding of stock, Sheep Connect South Australia 

    Feeding and watering livestock after a fire (DPIPWE)

    Feeding pellets to livestock after a fire (DPIPWE)

    Fire affected livestock – the next few weeks (DPIPWE)

    Assessing bushfire burns in livestock, NSW Department of Primary Industries

    Assessing cattle after a bushfire, Agriculture Victoria

    Assessing sheep after a bushfire, Agriculture Victoria

    Treatment of burnt cats/dogs Australian Veterinary Association

    Emergency burial of carcasses, (DPIPWE)  


    Wildlife welfare during and after bushfires (DPIPWE)

    Treatment of burnt wildlife, Australian Veterinary Association


    Pasture recovery after bushfires, NSW Department of Primary Industries

    Weed Management after Fire, Agriculture Victoria

    ​Fire Recovery​ 

    ​​​Tips & Tools for fire recovery, Meat & Livestock Australia 

    Fire a Catalyst for Change​, Meat & Livestock Australia



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