King Island Target 120 Program

The cattle processing abattoir on King Island operated by JBS Australia closed in September 2012. As a consequence all cattle destined for processing must be transported to abattoirs located in Tasmania and Victoria.

In September 2013 the former Tasmanian Government announced a business assistance package for King Island beef producers. The original assistance package provided support for one calendar year commencing 13 September 2013. In the 2014-15 State Budget the Government committed a further $600,000 to this support package enabling the transport assistance component to be extended for a further six months to 12 March 2015 and the extension component for a further 12 months to end January 2016.

Objectives of the program

The objective of the Target 120 program is to assist King Island cattle producers transition their businesses from supplying a local abattoir to supplying processors remote from the Island through two initiatives.

The first initiative was the payment of transport assistance of $30 per beast from the Island for processing (valid for cattle sent off the island between 13 September 2013 to 12 March 2015). Provision of this assistance is now closed.

The second initiative is the provision of extension support.  An extension officer has been employed until early 2016 to assist cattle producers to undertake a business analysis to develop and implement strategies that will assist them in achieving long term sustainable production and financial viability.

King Island Wallaby project report (Asian Export Wallaby Meat)

Wallaby numbers on King Island have increased to at least 400,000 largely due to the supply of improved pastures and the absence of high order predators.  As a consequence the wallabies are competing with domestic grazing animals for pastures and destroying native flora so farmers and natural resource managers have been trying to control them by shooting and fencing.  Shooting is a cost to producers and results in the carcase having no value.  A project was designed to explore the potential to sustainably harvest King Island wallaby for sale in high value Chinese restaurants so as a value chain could be created whereby a significant financial return could flow to King Island farmers and processors.  The attached report compiled by the Centre for Food Innovation, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture provides the results of this project along with future opportunities and what needs to happen in order to realise them.

   Report Summary_Asian export wallaby meat   (293Kb)

  Asian export wallaby meat report_July 2015   (4Mb)



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