Honey Bees and Pollination

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Code of Practice Honey Bees & Pollination

Successful pollination of fruit and seed crops is vital to ensure economic yields. The Tasmanian Crop Pollinators Association has developed this voluntary Code of Practice (COP) that can be used as a guide for contracting pollination services. 

​A good understanding of the obligations of both the supplier and user of pollination services is essential to avoid disappointing results and conflict.

This document includes background information and a sample supply agreement that can be used to help avoid misunderstandings.

Code of Practice_Honey Bees & Pollination (395 KB)

Bee Keeper Registration

Bee keeper registration form for you to register or to renew your registration as a beekeeper. (Refer Biosecurity Tasmania - Bees)

  Beekeeper Registration Form 2016-2017   (97Kb)​

​​RIRDC 'how to' videos on Beekeeping

​​These videos from the Rural Industries ​​Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC) have been produced to assist new beekeepers and align with the accredited Certificate AHC 32010 in beekeeping and Certificate AHC 10 in Agriculture. They are available on the RIRDC YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/RIRDC). ​

Videos include:

Selecting an apiary site
Re-queening a honey bee colony
Providing a pollination service
Constructing & repairing bee hives
Artificial insemination (AI) of queen bees

For more information about beekeeping in Tasmania visit the Tasmanian Beekeepers' Association's website.