Prohibited and Restricted Agricultural Chemical Products

A number of agricultural chemical products are prohibited or restricted in Tasmania. Restrictions may apply to the supply of these products, or to the way in which they are used, or to both supply and use.

The following provides a summary of the restrictions applying to a number of agricultural chemical products.

  Restrictions on the supply and use of certain agricultural chemical products in Tasmania   (82Kb)

  Application for an Agricultural Spraying Permit   (55Kb)

2,4-D products

May not be used from Spring to Autumn between 15 September and 15 April unless a 2,4-D Permit (see application form below) is issued to allow its use.

Also, see Restrictions on the Use of 2,4-D Herbicides.

  Application Form - 2,4-D Agricultural Spraying Permit   (48Kb)

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